Wifi coverage help!

Good evening Cuckoo-ers,

I’m looking for some advice. Whilst I’m not a cuckoo customer I’m a huge fan and want to add to this community, also the reason I’d not have Cuckoo is it’s not yet available here! :slight_smile:

I had terrible post office internet. Was thrilled when I could finally get FTTP. I signed up to Giganet. My router was moved to a new spot and the router is Technicolor (DGA4231). Whilst the internet is good, the WiFi is appalling. Like I can’t get it 4-5m away. I desperately want to fix the WiFi. So I’m looking for suggestions…

I was considering the Amazon Eero mesh. Is that a good choice? Will it work?

Interested if others have this issue, what anyone has done to fix poor WiFi and what advice anyone would give me!



Morning @JBL!

We’ve had lots of customers invest in mesh systems. Whilst the Amazon Eero & Google Mesh options are both pricey, we are yet to hear an unhappy customer. Other cheaper options would include the BT Wholehome discs. I use 3 of these discs in my family home in the countryside - it works well with the thick walls and we can even get coverage in the garden now.

All I would recommend is getting a mesh with at least 3 discs/hubs. As one of these needs to be plugged in to the router, having 2 discs won’t reap significant benefits.


Shock Horror @Oliver is working on a Sunday :crazy_face:

I also hear good things about the TP Link Deco Mx (x is the model number) Series Systems that looks similar to the BT Discs…plus you wont be paying monthly for additional discs per room just buy the add-on and add to your install & sync it up via the deco mobile app.

5GHZ Frequency causes a lot of issues further away from the routers main location although it does have better wifi speed throughput as its only designed for small enclosed spaces however using a 2.4ghz Wifi (SSID) Name will make the speed reach more possible areas and most devices prefer this.

Some even look like Amazon Alexa Devices see the full Deco offerings here.

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Thanks team - I think I’ll go with 3x Eero. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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