Will FTTC + voice calls (SOGEA) be an option with Cuckoo soon?

FTTC + voice calling (SOGEA + voice) would allow customers to do away with their landline if they wish, but also still make calls via a voice service over their internet connection (and keep their old number, ideally).

Not sure if this would save Cuckoo much money, vs paying line rental.

But if it did, maybe this saving could be passed onto customers, which would make Cuckoo internet both a better deal for customers (due to no contract), and allow prices to be lowered a bit, making them even more competitive with large ISPs. Presumably, this would also allow for much cheaper calls, vs calls made over landlines.

One thing I don’t know is, would this require a new Cuckoo router to add support for making and receiving voice calls? Would engineer visits be required?

All premises are planned to be upgraded to either SOGEA (FTTC) or FTTP for voice calls, by 2025 (2023 in areas prioritized by Openreach for FTTP), when BT intends to stop offering traditional landline services, so adding an option like this now would be quite forward thinking.

One example of SOGEA + Voice is discussed on this website:

It would be interesting to hear Cuckoo’s thoughts on this.

Apologies @cbdeakin for our oversight on answering this. I am getting an answer for you, and will report back as soon as I have one. Many thanks for your patience.

Thanks. It was really something that I just thought ‘wouldn’t it be cool if’.

I’m sure I read somewhere that SOGEA lines would in theory be more stable than standard FTTC, because the phone line (and associated noise) would be disabled.

I don’t know how some of the technical aspects would work in practice for SOGEA + Voice calls, like have much bandwidth would voice calls require (I’d guess not much, assuming they use the same bandwidth from the VDSL2 connection) and, how vulnerable would voice calls be to noise / line errors?

Hi @cbdeakin, as of the current moment, Cuckoo do not have plans to offer this. The reason being is we do not think it provides significant benefit to the flock currently. We look at all customer requests and feedback within our small team with genuine enthusiasm, but we have had no substantial interest in this product. I hope this answers your question.

A complete myth, I’m afraid. All SOGEA does is disable the dial tone that you hear. The entire line is still there from the exchange for testing purposes. So it doesn’t rid the line of any noise or potential defects.

Each voice channel [call] requires about 100kbps or 0.1mbps. So you could have a very slow Fibre to the cabinet line in theory, at say 3Mb and still have a perfectly useable digital phone line.

Not very, due to its low bandwidth requirement. The only thing that may impact it is a high ping, which would cause a delay in you hearing the other person and vice versa.