Xbox Series X - DHCP


Hope you’re all well?

I’ve just bought one of the new Xbox Series X however when I plug it in via Ethernet it says ‘cannot connect to your DHCP server’.

Can anyone help me with this one?


Hi @hollingworth, great purchase - although not quite a PS5 :wink:

There are a few things we can try here. With the Xbox plugged in to ethernet, are you able to power cycle the router? It may need to reassign all of the IP addresses.

Let me know if that fixes the issue.


Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your reply, I’ve tried turning the router off/on once at the wall and once just at the button on the back but no luck it’s still saying the same error message as above. Is there a certain number of times I should cycle it?


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Welcome To The Flock & Cuckoo Community @hollingworth (Jack) :egg: :smiley:

Are you having any issues connecting the Xbox Series X Via Wireless to the
Cuckoo Router as the DHCP shouldnt be causing any issues like this i know
as a Gamer myself that On The XBOX Platform (Sorry @Oliver) that Ethernet
is Always Preferred for better throughput.

Can you provide a screenshot/photo from what The Xbox Dashboard States
as it may reveal more info related to this.

Is this the only Ethernet Device you have connected to the Router ??

Power Cycling shouldnt be done to much as it will confuse the network
into thinking theres a problem with the speed.

As this is Day One i expect a lot of little issues like this to crop up between
the new Consoles.

Hello! No problems through setting up wireless … but I want to start downloading some games so would prefer it on wired today for sure!

Oh yeah I know I thought it might be a day one thing, every other wired network device is OK attached to the same switch.

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It’s actually working now … sorry for wasting your time!! Maybe it was me being impatient after resetting.

Thanks both!!


Hiya @hollingworth

Please Dont Think that your wasting any of our time,i’ll monitor this
myself as im sure it will pop up again somewhere else.

This community is here for just that…Like @Oliver said above “Great Purchase” im just
waiting for a while as i missed out on the pre-order day to see what issues crop up.

My Trusty Xbox 360 will look after me with Gears Of War 2 for now :smiley:

Let Us Know Anytime if it crops up again,or any other issues arise as it
can be more helpful than you realise…if it keeps happening then use
the 5GHZ Wifi Name as its a little faster than ethernet but will still be
limited by the speed at your socket as you’ll see from a connection test
in the settings of the XBOX.

Im concerned that the “NAT Was Unavailable” (Firewall) though on that second

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Thanks! My old Xbox broke about 2 months ago - good to be back on. Maybe pointless to buy one of the new ones unless you can run a monitor or tv at 120fps for now.

Hoping they come down in price. Noted about the 5ghz. Ethernet seems to be holding out a solid 70mbps on these downloads.


The console low-key looks great next to your TV @hollingworth


Sounds like a good speed even via ethernet @hollingworth.

Hope all your downloads & updates come down quicker than
everyone elses.

Me and a friend were sat trying to update his “World War Z” game
on his Xbox One on my current connection and it was so unstable
and after nearly 6 hours we only downloaded 5gb of the 20gb
update and we gave up he ended up doing it on a Virgin Media Line.

Oh well…and they tell you to trust and support your Local Post Office.

@dan 's right though it does look nice by your TV.

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Cheers guys!

Yes, it’s pretty speedy. I’ve just moved house so I got an electrician to run some cable through the walls to the router. Helped so much to hard wire everything in.

Got a few games downloaded today - going to run out of space there’s on 800gb free out the box


They are most probably expecting you to purchase those plug in SSD Modules
for the back of the console to expand it i heard the last COD Modern Warfare
& Warzone and all its updates was over 250gb+ so you will sure run out fast.

I would just purchase the external 2tb/4tb Xbox USB Drive myself lol

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What games did you go for @hollingworth?

Keep an eye on your Xbox Series X @hollingworth i just got an alert about this thread on twitter and users are going mad.

The smoking xbox got me :joy:


It looks like the surgeons will have to sort it out at microsoft…the woodpeckers inside the slot disc drive caddy concerned me.

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:joy::joy: mine hasn’t done that yet thankfully! I saw one where someone had a ping pong ball floating on top because the fan is so powerful. Some people said it’s fake but I’d like to believe it’s true ha.


@Alex went for Assassins Creed, and then a few off the Game Pass, Gears 5 and Tactics. I fancied Cyberpunk but it was delayed again.


Ooooh yh love creed. Think my favourite was the one where you could take ships and sing sea shantys.

Not to hijack this topic or anything but my favourite game was probably Metal Gear Online (2). Many an hour spent there. The funniest thing was that your score actually fell if you performed badly, rather than like in Call Of Duty where its purely an accumulator. My screenname was Red Rover…

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Your not Hijacking the thread at all @alex its good to hear what
you as the owner of the company likes as well as everyone else.

That clip you added looks similar to what im playing in
Gears 2 just offline and letting the AI opponents test
my patience apart from the chat at the bottom of the
screen…i havent got into the Creed games but i have
a couple on my shelf gathering dust.

@hollingworth hopefully your one of the lucky ones
with your series x console so fingers crossed.

Im more of a Beat Em Up fan eg…Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter
etc…but Gears and COD takes me out of my comfort zone.

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